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  • Do 20 kwietnia

    Pracodawcy musz膮 ui艣ci膰 wp艂aty na PFRON za miesi膮c poprzedni.

  • Do 20 kwietnia

    Osoby fizyczne prowadz膮ce dzia艂alno艣膰 gospodarcz膮 wp艂acaj膮 zaliczk臋 na podatek dochodowy.

  • Do 20 kwietnia

    Firmy wp艂acaj膮 PIT-4: Zaliczka na podatek obliczana jest od przychod贸w pracownik贸w ze stosunku pracy, umowy o dzie艂o i umowy zlecenia.

  • Do 27 kwietnia

    Podatnicy podatku akcyzowego sk艂adaj膮 deklaracj臋 i wp艂acaj膮 podatek akcyzowy: AKC-3.


Clarion Template Features

A Professional Business Template

Clarion, the February 2012 template release, is a subtle theme, primed for business use or as a platform for extensive individual customization. Clarion continues the chain of impressive, revolutionary, yet functional RocketTheme templates. It combines incredible styling with refined and powerful code to help your website achieve its maximum potential.


  • 12 Preset Styles
    Choose one of the included preset styles by specifying it in the template manager
  • 78 Module Positions
    To get you started right, Clarion is utilized with plenty of available modules
  • K2 Compatibility Styling
    Clarion provides styled support for K2 to visually integrate the component
  • RokExtensions Styling
    There is compatibility styling for some major RocketTheme extensions in this template

Interested? Want to Use Clarion for Your Website?

Download Clarion Now

Styles Variation

Multiple Preset Styles Clarion

Modules Layout

Versatile & Flexible Layout Clarion

Module Variations

Fashion & Style the Module Clarion

Menu Options

Integrated Powerful Menu System Clarion


Make the Content Sexier Clarion

Styled Extensions

RocketTheme Extensions Styled Clarion

K2 Styled

Visually K2 Integration Clarion

Tutorials & Guides

Learn the Template Configuration Clarion

Joomla! Stuff

Styled for Regular Joomla! Stuffs Clarion

Gantry Framework Features

  • 960 Grid System
    CSS grid framework for constructing web content based on a width of 960 pixels
  • Per-menu-item Configuration
    Powerful feature in Gantry to control configuration on a per-menu-item basis
  • iPhone / Android Compatible
    iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android custom theme support
  • Grid RTL Support
    Built in RTL support which will automatically order the layout to support RTL.
RTL Layout iPhone/Android Compatible


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